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In megahertz, how much faster is the CPU in the iPhone compared with that of the original Apple II?

  1. 532

  2. 639

  3. 465

  4. 865

Correct Option: B

What was the keyboard connector on the original Macintosh?

  1. ADB

  2. PS/2

  3. 9-pin DIN

  4. RJ11

Correct Option: D

Name Apple's first attempt at a PDA.

  1. The Neutron

  2. The Newton

  3. The Nimble

  4. The Narnia

Correct Option: B

Which Apple computer was marketed as the company's first "portable"?

  1. The PowerBook

  2. The Centris 610

  3. The Apple IIc

  4. The Lisa

Correct Option: C

What forms the functional basis of Mac OS X?

  1. Linux

  2. SunOS

  3. OpenBSD

  4. FreeBSD

Correct Option: D

What forms the development framework for Mac OS X widgets?

  1. JavaScript, CSS, and HTML

  2. C++

  3. Perl

  4. C#

Correct Option: A

What was the last Apple OS to feature the "Happy Mac" startup logo?

  1. System 8

  2. System 7.6.1

  3. Mac OS X 10.1

  4. Mac OS X 10.2

Correct Option: C

Which of the following companies manufactured a Macintosh computer, besides Apple?

  1. Hewlett-Packard

  2. Umax

  3. Dell

  4. Acer

Correct Option: B

What key combination is used to boot an Intel Mac in single-user mode?

  1. Command-S

  2. Option-S

  3. Shift-Option-S

  4. Control-Option-S

Correct Option: A

We all know about Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, but who was the third founder of Apple?

  1. Paul Dunn

  2. Jonathan Ives

  3. Ronald Wayne

  4. Stu Sutcliffe

Correct Option: C

What is the display technology behind Mac OS X and the Aqua user interface?

  1. X11

  2. Display PostScript

  3. Quartz 2D

  4. OLED

Correct Option: C

What somewhat odd function of the Mac OS X log-in window has roots in NeXTstep?

  1. The "wrong password shake"

  2. The color scheme

  3. The "wash and wipe"

  4. Rollerskates

Correct Option: A

The Mac OS X kernel is derived from XNU. What does "XNU" stand for?

  1. Xena Never Understands

  2. XeN Unix

  3. X Is Not Unix

  4. The creator, Xavier Nelson Underwood

Correct Option: C

What would happen if you hit the hidden interrupt button on a Mac SE and typed "G 41D89A" into the debug window?

  1. An animated Steve Jobs dances across the screen

  2. What interrupt button?

  3. Duh, it's actually G 41F89A

  4. A photo slideshow of the development team appears

Correct Option: D

Where did Steve and Steve meet?

  1. Berkeley

  2. Stanford

  3. The Palo Alto Creamery

  4. High school

Correct Option: D

What is the name of the dogcow?

  1. Cerberus

  2. Clarus

  3. Myria

  4. Clifford

Correct Option: B

How much RAM did the original Macintosh offer?

  1. 32KB

  2. 128KB

  3. 512KB

  4. 1MB

Correct Option: B

What might one find inside the case of the original Macintosh?

  1. A bar-code reader

  2. A 5MB Hard drive

  3. Signatures of the engineering team that built it

  4. Cheese

Correct Option: C

What is the hardware driver subsystem found in Mac OS X?

  1. Basic kernel-level/dev support

  2. INF descriptors

  3. I/O Kit

  4. Grand Theft Auto IV

Correct Option: C

JAXB allows Java developers to access and process XML data without having to know XML or XML processing

  1. True

  2. False

Correct Option: B
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