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Simple JCL Quiz

Description: Simple JCL Quiz
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How many data sets can exist within one GDG?

  1. 255

  2. 126

  3. 256

  4. 127

Correct Option: A

PARM is an Keyword parameter of which statement?

  1. EXEC

  2. DD

  3. PARAM

  4. JOB

Correct Option: C

What will be the TIME parameter value , if you want it to run the job within 7min 30 sec?

  1. TIME(07,30)

  2. TIME(00,07,30)

  3. TIME(07:30)

  4. TIME(30:7)

Correct Option: A

We know that we can have a maximum of 255 "sequential data sets" that can be concatenated together, but what will be the maximum "partitioned data sets" that can be concatenated

  1. 16

  2. 32

  3. 31

  4. 64

Correct Option: A

If both the JOBLIB and STEPLIB statements are coded, which specification will the JCL choose to perform the step

  1. JOBLIB Overriding STEPLIB step will be performed

  2. None of Them

  3. Question is false

Correct Option: A
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