Basic Javascript Quiz - 1

Description: Basic Javascript Quiz - 1
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Actions that can be detected by javascript are called ?

  1. HTML

  2. Events

  3. Array

  4. ArrayList

Correct Option: B

A variable that your webpage can store on or retrieve from the users computer is known as ?

  1. Applet

  2. Java

  3. Cookie

  4. Session

Correct Option: C

In JavaScript, capital letters are different from lowercase letters ?

  1. Not on windows platforms

  2. Yes

  3. No

  4. Not on Linux Platform

Correct Option: B

To solve this question, the user needs to have basic knowledge of JavaScript syntax and understand the difference between uppercase and lowercase letters.

The answer is:

A. Yes

In JavaScript, capital letters and lowercase letters are different from each other. This means that variables named "test" and "Test" are considered two separate variables. It is important to be consistent with capitalization when naming variables and calling functions in JavaScript.

Which is detected when the mouse moves over a link ?

  1. overMouse event

  2. onMouseOver event

  3. onRollOver event

  4. OnMouseOut event

Correct Option: B

How do you read the first character in a string ?

  1. stringName.charAt(0);

  2. stringName.substring(1);

  3. stringName.charAt(1);

  4. stringName.charAt(2);

Correct Option: A

Which has no syntax error ?

  1. alert("hello "+3+" times);

  2. alert("hello "+3 times);

  3. alert("hello +3+ times");

  4. alert("hello "+3 +" times);

Correct Option: C

Which method will open a new window ?

  1. popUp(PageURL,WindowName,settings);

  2. window.launch(PageURL,WindowName,settings);

  3. window.close(PageURL,WindowName,settings);

  4. window.open(PageURL,WindowName,settings);

Correct Option: D

Which method is used to search for a substring ?

  1. stringVariable.substring(subString)

  2. stringVariable.find(subString)

  3. stringVariable.indexOf(subString)

  4. stringVariable.indexOf(charAt(0))

Correct Option: C

Inside which HTML element do we put the JavaScript?

Correct Option: D
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