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Which of this provide a standard interface for demarcating transactions.

  1. JTA

  2. JIA

  3. JEA

  4. JAI

Correct Option: A

Which tag must enclose all other tags on a Faces JSP page?

Correct Option: B

Which JSF component can be used to create tables?

  1. HtmlPanelGroup

  2. HtmlTable

  3. UITable

  4. HtmlPanelGrid

Correct Option: D

What type of events does the HtmlCommandButton generate?

  1. Command events

  2. Submit events

  3. Action events

  4. Click events

Correct Option: C

AI Explanation

To answer this question, you need to understand the purpose and behavior of the HtmlCommandButton in HTML.

The HtmlCommandButton is an HTML component that represents a clickable button on a web page. When a user clicks on the button, it generates an event.

The correct answer is:

C) Action events - The HtmlCommandButton generates action events when it is clicked. An action event is typically used to trigger a server-side action or perform some other action specified by the developer.

Which JSF expression references an application's context path?

  1. #{contextPath}

  2. #{requestContextPath}

  3. #{facesContext.externalContext.requestContextPath}

  4. ${request.contextPath}

Correct Option: C

How do you integrate JSF components with cascading style sheets (CSS)?

  1. With the JSF configuration file

  2. With the styleClass property

  3. With the cssClass property

  4. With the class property

Correct Option: B

AI Explanation

To integrate JSF components with cascading style sheets (CSS), you can use the styleClass property.

Option A) With the JSF configuration file - This option is incorrect because the JSF configuration file is used for configuring various aspects of the JSF framework, such as managed beans and navigation rules. It is not used specifically for integrating CSS with JSF components.

Option B) With the styleClass property - This option is correct because the styleClass property allows you to specify a CSS class for a JSF component. This class can be defined in an external CSS file or in a style block within the HTML page.

Option C) With the cssClass property - This option is incorrect because there is no cssClass property in JSF. The correct property to use is styleClass.

Option D) With the class property - This option is incorrect because the class property is used in regular HTML tags to specify a CSS class. However, in JSF components, you need to use the styleClass property instead.

The correct answer is B) With the styleClass property. This option is correct because the styleClass property allows you to integrate JSF components with CSS by specifying the CSS class for the component.

Which J2EE component QuoteIt project are using for Rule engine?

  1. Coustom Rule Engine

  2. Drools

  3. OpenRules

  4. JRuleEngine

Correct Option: B

which Method of ActionForm is used for validation ?

  1. validate

  2. validation

  3. both

  4. No such method to validate the Form

Correct Option: A

Which version control software we are using for version control?

  1. SVN

  2. CVS

  3. VSS

  4. All of then

Correct Option: A
  1. MVC

  2. MVC2

  3. both

  4. none of them

Correct Option: A
  1. Presentation Tier

  2. Integration Tier

  3. Business Tier

  4. Database

Correct Option: A
  1. to preprocess requests

  2. to post process responses

  3. to preprocess responses

  4. to preprocess and post process requests and responses

Correct Option: D

If we want to avoid duplicate coding in view and separate out view content and view navigation we should use ________ design pattern

  1. Intercepting Filter

  2. Front Controller

  3. Data Acces Object

  4. Business Delegate

Correct Option: B

Enterprise beans encapsulate business logic and business data and expose their interfaces, and thus the complexity of the distributed services to the client tier.To prevent this ________ design pattern should be adopted.

  1. Data Access Object

  2. Session Facade

  3. Mediator Pattern

  4. Business Delegate

Correct Option: B

'Data Access Object' is an object that talks to the underlying database and provides other application components. It serves as a clean, simple and common interface for accessing the data, and for reducing the dependency of other components on the details of using the database

  1. True

  2. False

Correct Option: A
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