Types of Testing

Description: Types of Testing
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  1. Horizontal Traceability matrix

  2. Vertical Traceability matrix

  3. Diagonal Traceability matrix

  4. Transversal Traceability Matrix

Correct Option: C

Testing how well the system protects against unauthorized internal or external access

  1. Stress testing

  2. Security testing

  3. Compatibility testing

  4. Comparison testing

Correct Option: B
  1. Regression testing

  2. Retesting

  3. Risk based testing

  4. Comparison testing

Correct Option: B

Type of testing which evaluates a system's ability to performance in future

  1. Age testing

  2. Ad-hoc testing

  3. Active testing

  4. API testing

Correct Option: A

Key-driven testing also called as

  1. table-driven testing

  2. action-word testing

  3. table-drive testing

  4. word-action testing

Correct Option: A,B

Testing to verify a product meets customer specified requirements

  1. Acceptance testing

  2. Blackbox testing

  3. load testing

  4. Performance testing

Correct Option: A

A quick-and-dirty test that the major functions of a piece of software work without bothering with finer details

  1. Smoke testing

  2. Regression testing

  3. Retesting

  4. Unit testing

Correct Option: A
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