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On invoking a Web Service, you have received response XML. You need to process this XML document to update the details in the database.

  1. JAXP

  2. JAXR

  3. UDDI

  4. JSSE

Correct Option: A

An existing J2EE application is hosted on 4 WebServers and 3 Application Servers. Due to increase in the no. of users, it has been planned to increase the count to 5 Web Servers and 4 Application Servers. Which of the following is negatively impacted? Choose one answer.

  1. Availability

  2. Performance

  3. Manageability

  4. Maintainability

Correct Option: C

You have been recruited by MegaSoft Inc. to help on a new sales project. Your role within the project team is as the lead architect. Given the requirements set out below, what type of transaction management should you use? MegaSoft Inc. is launching worldwide sports betting site. The unique feature of this betting site is that all bets are spread across multiple sporting events with huge potential prizes. For example, a user may bet $25 on Manchester United beating Real Madrid 4-0, Brazil winning the world cup,and Australia winning the cricket world cup. If a user gets three or more bets correct and one wrong then they will take home a 50% cut of the original stake. Choose one answer.

  1. Container Managed Transactions

  2. Bean Managed Transactions

  3. Container Transactions

  4. Bean Transactions

Correct Option: B
  1. It is a fundamental

  2. It is a platform-independent, XML-based registry for businesses worldwide to be listed on the Internet.

  3. It is a bidirectional pull parser interface for streaming XML processing.

  4. It provides a convenient way to bind an XML schema to a representation in Java code.

Correct Option: B
  1. Recode the application using JSF, EJB and Entities. This will improve the overall performance of the application and also improves maintainability

  2. Replace the auto-refresh functionality with AJAX code.

  3. Recode the application using JSF, EJB and Web Services.

  4. Use frames and put the auto-refresh part in a different frame.

Correct Option: B

ABC Bank provides facility to transfer amounts from one account to another through its internet banking application. It also provides facilities for its consumer clients to upload payments in one-go through a file upload facility. File upload is a very resource-intensive operation which may take 3-10 minutes. Currently on submitting the file it displays an alert message and processes the request. Often the browser times out. What would be your suggestion to improve this situation at minimal cost? Choose one answer.

  1. Remove the file upload feature from Internet Banking application

  2. Limit the no. of payments in upload files to minimum so that the overall request does not take more than 1 minute. Encourage customer to break the files and upload multiple times.

  3. Use AJAX to display progress bar displaying the % complete figures.

  4. Use JSF to reduce the processing times.

Correct Option: C

Which of the following technologies can be used to describe RESTful Webservices? Choose one answer.

  1. WSDL

  2. ebXML

  3. UDDI

  4. None of the above.

Correct Option: D

Your company is responsible for storing the credit history of citizens of ABC country. The government proposes that all financial institutions before lending must ensure that the candidate has a minimum credit score. Which of the following would you choose to build this service? Choose one answer.

  1. Build the service as a EJB

  2. Build the service as a web service

  3. Build the service as an IIOP Object.

  4. Implement it as a JMS based service.

Correct Option: B

A variable $word is set to “HELLO WORLD”, which of the following script returns in title case?

  1. echo ucwords(strtolower($word)

  2. echo ucwords($word)

  3. echo ucfirst(strtolower($word)

  4. echo ucfirst($word)

Correct Option: A
  1. are different how they handle failure

  2. both are same in every aspects

  3. is include() produced a Fatal Error while require results in a Warning

  4. none of above

Correct Option: A

Which of the following is NOT done with JavaScript ?

  1. Form Validation

  2. RGB Colors

  3. Browser Detection

  4. RGB Value

Correct Option: B
  1. comma

  2. semicolon

  3. colon

  4. Bracket

Correct Option: B
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