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What do you mean by OLAP

  1. online analyis processing

  2. online analytical processing

  3. online add processing

  4. none

Correct Option: B

rdbms means

  1. relational database management system

  2. rational data management system

  3. real data management system

  4. real database money system

Correct Option: A

Rule Resolution applies to Rule-HTML-Property

  1. True

  2. False

Correct Option: B

Status of a work object is represented by:

  1. pyTaskStatus

  2. pyWorkStatus

  3. pyStatusWork

  4. pyWorkObjectStatus

Correct Option: C

Which of the following is true regarding development RuleSets(Not standard rules)

  1. Rule sets can be maximum of 32 characters

  2. Rule sets can have spaces

  3. Rule sets can have Pega as prefix

  4. Rule sets name can have special characters and spaces

Correct Option: A

According to Ten Guard Rails of PRPC,application performance need to be monitored

  1. Daily

  2. Weekly

  3. Monthly

  4. Once in 3 months

Correct Option: B

How to display the values of property in a Drop Down (Like a Combo Box)

  1. Show List HTML property

  2. Prompt Select HTML Property

  3. Display Select HTML Property

  4. Any of the above

Correct Option: B

Which are the Roles defined as per PRPC

  1. Process Architect

  2. System Administrator

  3. System Architect

  4. All of the above

Correct Option: D

System Architect works with

  1. Properties

  2. Flows

  3. Harness

  4. Correspondence Rules

Correct Option: A

Style Sheet templates are stored in which class





Correct Option: C

Which of the following is false

  1. Work baskets are instances of Data-Admin-WorkBasket class

  2. Work lists are instances of Data-Admin-Operator-ID class

  3. Class group is an instance of Data-Admin-Classgroup

  4. Access role objects should not be shared across applications

Correct Option: C

To split processing into two or more independent secondary flows that operate in parallel we should use

  1. Split-For-Each

  2. Split-Join

  3. Called Flow

  4. SpinOff Flow

Correct Option: B

If an access role is specified to a parent class it applies to

  1. Parent Class only

  2. Parent class and all its child classes

  3. Parent class and all its child classes unless explicitly overridden by another access rule

  4. None of the above

Correct Option: C

Organizational hierarchy levels from Top to bottom are

  1. Organization, Unit, Division

  2. Division, organization, Unit

  3. Organization, Division, Unit

  4. None of the above

Correct Option: C

Which of the following are valid Work Id

  1. W-

  2. W-TCS

  3. TCS-W-

  4. All of the above

Correct Option: D

Which Default Property Types cannot be modified

  1. px

  2. py

  3. A and B

  4. pz

Correct Option: D

The property pxUrgencyWork is calculated using the following formula: AtTheRate(100, AtTheRatemax(0, .pxUrgencyWorkClass + .pyUrgencyWorkAdjust + .pxUrgencyWorkSLA + .pxUrgencyPartyTotal))

  1. Rule-Declare-DecisionTable

  2. Rule-Declare-Expressions

  3. Rule-Declare-Trigger

  4. Rule-Declare-OnChange

Correct Option: B

What is Page Context

  1. Action not to be taken on the page defined in Page Context

  2. Where you can use $Any, $None

  3. Action will be taken on the properties of the page defined in Page Context

  4. Only used in Declarative rules

Correct Option: C

Which one of the following statements is true ?

  1. Covered work objects inherit from Cover-Object- class

  2. Ordinary work objects inherit from the Work-Object- class

  3. Folders may contain only one covered work object

  4. Folders may be a work object

Correct Option: B

By default assignments include a property that has harness rule set to

  1. New

  2. Perform

  3. Confirm

  4. Review

Correct Option: B
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