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Which of the following is mandatory while creating a class

  1. Pattern Inheritance

  2. Direct Inheritance

  3. Both

  4. None of the above

Correct Option: B

Trigger rule is performed when

  1. Database Save

  2. Database Update

  3. Database Deletion

  4. All of the above

Correct Option: D

What is the Pattern Inheritance parent for MICO-Finance-

  1. Mico-Finance

  2. Finance-

  3. Mico-Finance-

  4. All of the above

Correct Option: A

Following example belongs to which Declarative Rule Type. ActualExpense("December") is never greater than BudgetExpense("December").

  1. a) Rule-Declare-Index

  2. b) Rule-Declare-Expressions

  3. c) Rule-Declare-OnChange

  4. d) Rule-Declare-Constrains

  5. e) Rule-Declare-Trigger

Correct Option: D

Which of the following can only return a Boolean value?

  1. (a) Decision map

  2. (b) Decision tree

  3. (c) Decision table

  4. (d) When rule

Correct Option: D

Which of these steps is NOT involved in localizing an application?

  1. (a) Presenting user interface in different languages

  2. b) Handling currency

  3. c) Defining an alternate business calendar

  4. d) a & c

  5. e) None of the above

Correct Option: E

_________ and __________ are useful formats for organizing and presenting class structure showing hierarchy.

  1. a. Outlines, tree diagrams

  2. b. Flow charts, class structures

  3. c. Comments, documentation

  4. d. Business rules, work flows

Correct Option: A

The approach which establishes a place to store properties and other rules that apply across several leaf classes is called:

  1. a) Cross-Class Approach

  2. b) Streamlined Process

  3. c) Top-Down Approach

  4. d) Application Accelerator

Correct Option: C

Class that corresponds in name to a class group and has a corresponding data instance Data-Admin-DB-ClassGroup is known as:

  1. a) Cover

  2. b) Container

  3. c) Parent

  4. d) None of the above

Correct Option: B

Which of the following classes is/are abstract:

  1. a) PegaRP-Work-Object-Admin-

  2. b) PegaRP-Data-ProductArea

  3. c) PegaRP-Work-Object-Admin

  4. d) PegaRP-Work-Project

  5. e) All of the above

Correct Option: A

Give the correct sequence for creating classes for this particular example: @baseclass I. PegaRP- II. PegaRP-Data- III. PegaRP-Data-Product- IV. PegaRP-Work- V. PegaRP-Work-Object- VI. PegaRP-Work-Object-Admin- VII. PegaRP-Work-Project- VIII. PegaRP-Work-Project-Inquiry-

  1. a) I, II, IV, III, V, VII, VI, VIII

  2. b) I, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, II, III

  3. c) I, IV, II, V, VII, III, VI, VIII

  4. d) I, II, IV, V, VII, III, VI, VIII

Correct Option: B

The system can create classes derived from the base classes of Work- and Data-, and also the following base classes:

  1. a) Link-

  2. b) Assign-

  3. c) Index-

  4. d) A & B

  5. e) All of the above

Correct Option: D

Process Commander offer RuleTypes that automates the decision of when to perform the processing is based on one of the following:

  1. a) Declarative Model

  2. b) HTML Fragment

  3. c) Decision Tree

  4. d) Decision Table

Correct Option: A

Harness rules are of what type?

  1. a. Rule-HTML-Harness

  2. b. Rule-Harness-HTML

  3. c. Rule-Obj-HTML

  4. d. Rule-HTML

Correct Option: A

Access to RuleSets can be granted in all but one of these ways:

  1. (a) For the entire Organization

  2. (b) For a Division

  3. (c) For an Org Unit

  4. (d) By Job Function (via access groups)

Correct Option: C

Which statement about local variables is true?

  1. (a) They are stored on the clipboard as temporary variables

  2. (b) They exist only within the context of an activity

  3. (c) They can be stored in the database

  4. (d) They are stored in a named page that is created automatically

Correct Option: B

Agent rules define:

  1. a. Background processing

  2. b. Trigger or wake-up interval

  3. c. Activities to execute upon wake-up

  4. d. All of the above

  5. e. None of the above

Correct Option: D

Strive for no more than __ Assignment or Processing shapes per flow shell.

  1. a. 5

  2. b. 10

  3. c. 15

  4. d. 20

Correct Option: B

For short medium lists which change often following should be specified in TableEdit tab of Property

  1. a. Local List

  2. b. Field Value

  3. c. Remote List

  4. d. Prompt List

Correct Option: B

What is correct sequence in SmartBuild

  1. (a) Class Structure, Properties, User Interface, Activities

  2. (b) Class Structure, Properties, Activities,User Interface

  3. (c) Properties, Class Structure, User Interface, Activities

  4. (d) Class Structure, Activities,Properties, User Interface

Correct Option: A
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