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Purpose of Application rule is to define an ordered set of Rule Sets and versions that together identify the parts of a Process Commander application

  1. True

  2. False

Correct Option: B

Auto generated html option available in the following rules (Choose 2)

  1. a. Section

  2. b. HTML fragment

  3. c. Flow Action

  4. d. Harness

  5. e. Property

  6. f. HTML Property

Correct Option: A,C
  1. a. Called Flow

  2. b. Spin-off Flow

  3. c. Split for Each

  4. d. Split Join

  5. e.All of the above

  6. f. None of the above

Correct Option: E

Access groups are instances of the class Data-Admin-Operator-AccessGroup

  1. True

  2. False

Correct Option: B

Where we can use when condition in an activity? (Choose 2)

  1. a. Precondition

  2. b. Transition

  3. c. Step Method

  4. d. Parameter

  5. e. Loop

Correct Option: A,B
  1. a. Decision Tree

  2. b. Map Value

  3. c. When

  4. d. Decision Table

  5. e. Property

Correct Option: C,E

These are the Classes mapping to respective tables Class Table Work-Object PC_Work Work- PC_Work Policy-Admin-Work PC_PolAdmin If a new class created under “Policy-Admin-Work” class group which table it will be saved.

  1. a. PC_Work

  2. b. PC_Other

  3. c. PC_PolAdmin

  4. d. Base Table

Correct Option: C

“Transition” part is used in an activity

  1. a. To transfer control to another activity

  2. b. Evaluated before each step is executed

  3. c. Is automatically enabled when activity created

  4. d. True-false test, evaluated during activity execution that determines whether the flow of control in an activity continues with the next numbered step.

Correct Option: D

Assignment smart shape can have following properties (Select 4)

  1. a. Router activity

  2. b. Assignment activity

  3. c. Local action

  4. d. CorrName

  5. e. Confirmation Note

Correct Option: B,C,D,E
  1. a. pyCoverPage

  2. b. pyWorkCover

  3. c. pyCover

  4. d. pyWorkPage

Correct Option: B

What is a best practice for creating work class and cover class?

  1. a. They should be in different rule sets since they are 2 distinct classes

  2. b. They should be in same rule set

  3. c. It’s not a good practice to create flows in cover class

  4. d. Always add covered objects from cover

Correct Option: B

Embedded pages can be incorporated in to a nested embedded pages

  1. True

  2. False

Correct Option: B

Developer1 added custom code to a rule-html-section removing auto-generated HTML check box. Developer2 clicked Auto-generated HTML check box later and saved the same rule. Then what happened to custom code that developer1 entered?

  1. a)Custom code will be there.

  2. b) Custom code is removed when Auto Generated HTML check box is checked again.

  3. c) Custom code will be commented when Auto Generated HTML check box is checked again.

  4. d) Cannot check Auto Generated HTML check box once it is unchecked.

Correct Option: B

What is true about “NewDefaults” standard activity?

  1. a)Used to set the initial static values when a work object is created.

  2. b) In PRPC product it is a place holder activity (Dummy activity)

  3. c) Can incorporate functionality that needs to be implemented before displaying harness new.

  4. d) A , B and C

  5. e) B and C

  6. f) Only C

Correct Option: E

Properties (availability Yes) with same name can be created in… (Choose 3)

  1. a) Same rule set in the same class

  2. b) Same rule set in the different classes

  3. c) Different rule sets in the same class

  4. d) Different rule sets in the different classes

Correct Option: B,C,D
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