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When should the Performance tool (PAL) be used

  1. at the end of each iteration of the Construction Phase

  2. immediately before going into production

  3. whenever a critical change is made to a flow

  4. during UAT

Correct Option: C

The application being built requires each work object to have a Short Description field. What is the appropriate property to use for this requirement ?

  1. pyShortDescription

  2. pyLabel

  3. pzShortDescription

  4. pzLabel

Correct Option: B

The .NET Framework provides a runtime environment called..... ?

  1. RMT

  2. CLR

  3. JIT

  4. MSIL

Correct Option: B

In ASP.NET in form page the object which contains the user name is ______ ?

  1. Page.User.Identity

  2. Page.User.IsInRole

  3. Page.User.Name

  4. None of the Above

Correct Option: A

Find the term: The .NET framework which provides automatic memory management using a technique called ______________ ?

  1. Serialization

  2. Garbage Collection

  3. Assemblies

  4. Overriding

Correct Option: B

Which of the following denote ways to manage state in an ASP.Net Application?

  1. Session objects

  2. Application objects

  3. ViewState

  4. All the Above

Correct Option: B
  1. Master Page

  2. Page Class

  3. Session Class

  4. None of the Above

Correct Option: B

WSDL stands for _________________ ?

  1. Web Server Description Language

  2. Web Server Descriptor Language

  3. Web Services Description Language

  4. Web Services Descriptor Language

Correct Option: C

If you want to fetch some data from a web service, which one you use

  1. Rule-Connect-SOAP

  2. Rule-Connect-WebService

  3. Connector

  4. Rule-Service-SOAP

Correct Option: A

The value of a parameter can be checked in which tool?

  1. Clipboard

  2. Tracer

  3. Performance tool

  4. Rules Inspector

Correct Option: B

Under the Rules-by Type tab the Security contains: (choose two)

  1. Privileges

  2. Access groups

  3. Party role

  4. Properties

Correct Option: A,B

________________ class instances can store images like JPG, JPEG etc

  1. Rule-File-Binary.

  2. Rule-File-Text

  3. Rule-Obj-Binary

  4. Rule-Obj-Text

Correct Option: A

What rule is used to define a Work Pool?

  1. Work Group

  2. Class pool

  3. Work Party

  4. Class Group

Correct Option: D

Which of the following property / properties are not aggregate properties?

  1. Page

  2. PageList

  3. PageGroup

  4. Single Value

  5. ValueGroup

  6. ValueList

Correct Option: D

Rule Resolution applies to Rule-HTML-Property

  1. True

  2. False

Correct Option: B

Examination questions if answered 90-100 Grade A, 70-90 Grade B, 50 -70 Grade C. What are the possible rules which can be used to achieve this? (Choose Three)

  1. Decision Table

  2. Map value

  3. When

  4. Declarative Expression

Correct Option: A,B,D

Which rule is used to avoid access to certain functionality?

  1. Operator

  2. Deny

  3. Rule Set

  4. Class

Correct Option: B

Identify standard local actions

  1. AttachANote

  2. AttacAURL

  3. AttachAFile

  4. AttachADocument

Correct Option: A,B,C

Identify standard flow actions.

  1. Approve Flow

  2. Accept

  3. Reject

  4. Transfer

Correct Option: C
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