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What does HTML stand for?

  1. Home Tool Markup Language

  2. Hyperlinks and Text Markup Language

  3. Hyper Text Markup Language

  4. None

Correct Option: C

Who is making the Web standards?

  1. Mozilla

  2. The World Wide Web Consortium

  3. Microsoft

  4. None

Correct Option: B

Choose the correct HTML tag for the largest heading

Correct Option: D

What is the correct HTML for creating a hyperlink?

Correct Option: A

How can you make a list that lists the items with numbers?

      Correct Option: D
      1. Debug

      2. J2EE

      3. User - Defined

      4. Plug - in Development

      Correct Option: A,B,D
      1. Supports standard technologies as well as specific technologies

      2. Supports SAP component Development Model

      3. Provides web-dyn pro feature

      4. Supports SAP program development Model

      Correct Option: A,B,C
      1. Package Navigator

      2. Package Explorer

      3. Navigator

      4. Explorer

      Correct Option: B,C
      1. Data Time Ready

      2. Define The Relationship

      3. Design Time Repository

      4. Digital Time Radio

      Correct Option: C
      1. Applications tab

      2. IP multicast group

      3. Reserved IP address

      4. IPX SAP broadcast

      Correct Option: A
      1. A graphic, animation and authoring application

      2. An authoring tool to publish web pages

      3. A graphic application to make WBT

      4. A graphic application to publish interactive web application and web Pages

      Correct Option: D
      1. Images only

      2. Images and Movie Clip only

      3. Images, Movie Clip, and button

      4. Symbol and shape only

      Correct Option: D
      1. Java based

      2. C++ based

      3. Event based

      4. C# based

      Correct Option: C
      1. FPS (Frame Per Second)

      2. FPM (Frame Per Minute)

      3. FPS (Frame Per Scene)

      4. FPS (Frame Per Shockwave)

      Correct Option: A
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