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The lightest symbol for a swf will be:

  1. Rectangle

  2. Triangle

  3. Square

  4. Circle

Correct Option: D

I can attach symbol(s) but it should be:

  1. Graphic, Button and Images

  2. Movie Clip, Images and Buttons

  3. Symbol and Sound

  4. All of the above

Correct Option: C

Load Movie can be used to:

  1. Load swf and Images files

  2. Load Images and Audio files

  3. Load swf, Images and Audio files

  4. Load Audio and Swf files

Correct Option: A

Which format has highest compression index in flash:

  1. Png

  2. Jpeg

  3. Bmp

  4. Gif

Correct Option: A

What will happen if I delete ".as" file after publishing

  1. Swf will run perfectly

  2. Swf will not run

  3. Swf will run but with an error

  4. Flash will generate a new .as file

Correct Option: A

Why Vector format is scalable:

  1. They made by scalable pixels

  2. They made by scalable dots

  3. They made with different colors and shapes which are scalable

  4. All of the above

Correct Option: B

Difference between "_root" and "_level0", if 1.swf is loaded on 2.swf

  1. _level0 will be same for both

  2. _root will be same for both

  3. _level0 will be different for both

  4. None of them

Correct Option: A

What is a Movie clip:

  1. A Movie Clip class

  2. A instance of a Movie Clip class

  3. Sub class of the Movie Clip class

  4. A instance of the swf class

Correct Option: B

I can use removeMovieClip only if:

  1. Movie Clip is dynamically attached

  2. Movie Clip is physically laying on the root

  3. Movie Clip is on _level0 only

  4. Movie Clip is empty

Correct Option: A

Difference between variable and array:

  1. Variable can store multiple value but array can not store

  2. Variable can not store multiple value but array can

  3. Both are same

  4. None of them

Correct Option: B

Sub class is:

  1. Super class is Sub class

  2. Super class, which inherit the properties of another class

  3. Small class nested in Super class

  4. Separate class but inherit properties of Super class

Correct Option: D

What is OOPs

  1. Objects + Class +Inheritance + Encapsulation + Polymorphism

  2. Methods + Abstraction

  3. Reusability + Message Passing + Dynamic Binding

  4. All above

Correct Option: D

Share Object(s) is:

  1. Object(s) in library, to share in all swf files

  2. Object(s) which is created by class and share to other class

  3. Object(s) which is created by swf and store on local system

  4. Object(s) which share which their properties

Correct Option: C

Which of the following html tags are supported by flash:

  1. tags

  2. tags

  3. tags

  4. tags

Correct Option: B

Xml can be used with .swf to:

  1. Store data

  2. Write data

  3. Read data

  4. Read and write data

Correct Option: C

What happen if I delete XML file after publishing swf file:

  1. Swf will not be published

  2. Data will not be shown in swf

  3. Data will be displayed in swf file

  4. Swf will generate a new xml file automatically

Correct Option: B

Which of the following nano metal is used as an antibacterial agent

  1. gold

  2. platinum

  3. silver

  4. argentinum

Correct Option: C

Which of the folowing nano product is used in cosmetics..

  1. silver (Ag)

  2. Gold (Au)

  3. Arum Trifilum

  4. lead sulfide (PbS)

Correct Option: D

Name the two top tennis companies created tennis racquets that incorporate carbon nanotubes , and claim their racquets make noteworthy improvements to players’ games...

  1. adidas and reebok

  2. Wilson and Babolat ,

  3. puma and adidas

  4. sterlite and nike

Correct Option: B

Which of the following technology is used to create tiny batteries of large capacity

  1. hydelpowerWave technology

  2. powerWave technology

  3. Thermopower wave technology

  4. Thermalpowerwave technology

Correct Option: C
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