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Web Security Quiz

Description: Web Security Quiz
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Which of the following is most likely to install a "backdoor" internet connection?

  1. Trojan

  2. Virus

  3. Worm

  4. Adware

Correct Option: C

Which OS listed below is specifically developed for a hackers use?

  1. Solaris

  2. Ubuntu

  3. BackTrack

  4. Windows

Correct Option: C

You have entered in the URL and page is redirected to In this scenario you have been _________________.

  1. IP Spoofed

  2. DNS Spoofed

  3. Email Spoofed

  4. Packet Spoofed

Correct Option: B

Hackers often gain entry to a network be pretending to be at a legitimate computer.

  1. Phishing

  2. Forging

  3. ID Theft

  4. IP Spoofing

Correct Option: D

Kevin and his friends are going through a local IT firm's garbage. Which of the following best describes this activity?

  1. Reconnaissance

  2. Intelligence Gathering

  3. Social Engineering

  4. Dumpster Diving

Correct Option: D
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