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Which table contains the Authorization info of all users?

  1. SecurityInfo

  2. LoginInfo

  3. SecurityDefinition

  4. UserInfo

Correct Option: C

Which all modules are available for a Non-Admin User?

  1. Home, EC Engine, Report

  2. Home, ScenarioGenerator, Reports

  3. Home, Reports

  4. Home, ECEngine, ScenarioGenerator, Reports

Correct Option: A

The Grid server used for EC Engine is provided by

  1. DataSynanpses

  2. Safari

  3. Mapak

  4. TCS Inbuilt

Correct Option: A

Which feature of database is used for having data for EC Engine for different users in same table?

  1. Static Table

  2. Partition Table

  3. In-Memory Cache Table

  4. Hash Tables

Correct Option: B

In which technology is the Fitting tool application built?

  1. C#

  2. VBA Excel

  3. VB.Net

  4. VBScript

Correct Option: B

Which third party dll does SG uses to carry out Matrix Calculation?

  1. Calculus

  2. System.Math

  3. Mapack

  4. Trignometry

Correct Option: C

Which tool is used to display the EC chart on EC ViewOutput Page?

  1. Dot Net Charting Control

  2. MS Charts

  3. Silver Light Rich Graphs

  4. Excel in built chart

Correct Option: B

How do we log errors in TRAQ application?

  1. Logging in Text Files on Web Server

  2. Logging in database ErrorLog Table

  3. Both A & B

  4. Logging in App Server in Service Code

Correct Option: A

What version of SQL server do we use in TRAQ?

  1. SQL 2000

  2. SQL 2005

  3. SQL 2008

  4. SQL 2010

Correct Option: B
  1. UI-> Proxy?Provider -> Service-> Database?Mapper

  2. UI-> Service?Service -> Mapper -> Database?Provider

  3. UI-> Proxy -> Service -> Provider -> Database?Mapper

  4. UI-> Service?Provider-> Proxy-> Database?Mapper

Correct Option: C

Where does all commonly used codes, constants are mentioned in application?

  1. TRAQCommon

  2. TRAQModel

  3. TRAQInterface

  4. TRAQDatabase

Correct Option: A

How do we reuse an entity which is already fetched from database at some other Page?

  1. Calling Database again to get Entity

  2. Caching it and fetching it back.

  3. Storing the data in in-memory tables

  4. All of the Above.

Correct Option: B

Which Ajax tool is extensively used on all pages?

  1. UpdatePanel

  2. iFrame Control

  3. Ajax Calendar Control

  4. Progress Bar

Correct Option: A

What is a session?

  1. Session is a cookie

  2. Session is basically is the duration between user login and logout time

  3. Session is a server side variable

  4. Session usually is non persistent cookie

Correct Option: B

How does Asp.Net store sessionId's by default?

  1. Stores in Cookies

  2. Stores in Database

  3. Stores in a Global Variable

  4. Stores in Cache

Correct Option: A

Is event in web form are processed before the page-load?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Both

  4. None of these

Correct Option: B

How can you kill a user session?

  1. Session.Clear

  2. Session.delete

  3. Session.terminate

  4. Session.abondon

Correct Option: D

Can turn off session state in web.config file?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Can't say

  4. None of there

Correct Option: A

How to replace certain number of elements of array in Perl ?

  1. slice

  2. splice

  3. substr

  4. replace

Correct Option: B

5) Can you change the reference of the final object

  1. No the reference cannot be change

  2. Using object class

  3. Using interface

  4. Using thread

Correct Option: A
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