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what is class available for http process in servlet

  1. GenericServlet

  2. service()

  3. doTrace()

  4. HttpServlet class its a sub class of GenericServlet class

Correct Option: D

difference between Servlet and CGI

  1. no difference

  2. servlet runs slowly than CGI

  3. CGI is a complex process , servlet is easier ie lieght weight component

  4. none of these

Correct Option: C

what are all the methods available in HttpServlet class

  1. service() only

  2. destroy()

  3. doPost,doGet

  4. doPost,doGet,doTrace(),doOption(),doDelete()

Correct Option: C

Difference between doPost() and doGet()

  1. data size is limited(upto 256 datas) in doGet() , doPost has no limit for datas

  2. doPost() is secure than doGet

  3. both of above

  4. none of these

Correct Option: C

Can we run serlvet class without web.xml file in server

  1. True

  2. False

Correct Option: B

Difference between serveltContext and servletConfig interface

  1. both are same

  2. servletConfig helps for share information to all serlvet classes

  3. servletCofig for particular servlet configuration and servletContext toshare information to all serlvet classes

  4. none of these

Correct Option: B

What is a use of RequestDispatcher interface

  1. for forward the request

  2. for include the content from the another URL

  3. both of these

  4. only for forward the request

Correct Option: C

Which tag used for security of appliction in web.xml

Correct Option: C

What details in MANIFEST.MF file

  1. contains which jar file will executed

  2. deployment descriptor file

  3. emty file for future use of servlet

  4. none of these

Correct Option: A

How to maintain session in servlet

  1. http session

  2. cookies

  3. URL rewriting, hiddenform fields

  4. httpsession,hiddenform fields,rewriting,cookies

Correct Option: D

Which type is preferable to maintain session

  1. cookies because user can turn off it

  2. hidden form field because of its performance is moderate

  3. httpsession because no limit for session data and performance is good

  4. Url rewriting becasue its easy

Correct Option: C

Is it possible to servlet have a constructor

  1. yes but then serlvet will not work properly ie can't provide initilization parameters

  2. not possible

  3. sometimes only

  4. none of these

Correct Option: A

Difference between GenericServlet and Httpservlet class

  1. GenericServlet normal purpose HttpSerlvet for complex process

  2. both are same but parameters are different

  3. both of above

  4. GenericServlet is protocol independent, HttpServlet is protocol dependent

Correct Option: D

differnce between sendRedirect() and forward()

  1. sendRedirect for redirect request on server side forward process

  2. SendRedirect on client side process and forward on browser side process

  3. sendRedirect for slow and forward for fast

  4. none of these

Correct Option: B

different between getRequestDispatcher() javax.servlet.servletRequest and javax.servlet.servletContext

  1. javax.servlet.servletRequest accepts relative path and javax.servlet.servletContext doesn't accepts relative path

  2. both are same

  3. javax.servlet.servletRequest for include and javax.servlet.servletContext for forward

  4. all of above

Correct Option: A

Given the following policy: policy-statementlimit-cust { from { route-filter orlonger reject; route-filter orlonger; route-filter orlonger accept; route-filter through { metric 5; accept; } } then { metric 10; accept; } } What happens to the route

  1. The route is rejected.

  2. The route is accepted

  3. The metric is set to 5 and the route is accepted.

  4. The metric is set to 10 and the route is accepted.

Correct Option: B

Which Shortcut is used in this Scenario? "Pick from Drop Down List"

  1. Shift+Down Arrow

  2. Control+Down Arrow

  3. Alt+Down Arrow

  4. Control+Shift+Down Arrow

Correct Option: C

Which Shortcut is used in this Scenario? "Insert Cell"

  1. Shift+Control+"+"

  2. Shift+"+"

  3. Control+"+"

  4. None of above

Correct Option: C

Which shortcut is used in this scenario? "Insert Hyperlink"

  1. Control+H

  2. Control+L

  3. Control+F9

  4. Control+K

Correct Option: D

In order to have the VPD functionality a trigger is required to fire when user initiates a session in DB.What type of trigger needs to be created?

  1. DML trigger

  2. System event

  3. INSTEAD OF trigger

  4. Application Trigger

Correct Option: B
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