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Consider the following:// SET GROUP=TBIS,DIV=USR,SUBJ=JCL,TYPE=DATA,NMBR=1Which of the following structures containing symbolic parameters will result in:TBISUSR.JCLCRS.DATA1?





Correct Option: B,C

A foreign key is :

  1. Specified in the definition of a referential constraint.

  2. A part of the definition of a table.

  3. A unique key

  4. None of the above

Correct Option: A

Which is wrong??

  1. Volume testing is a way to test functionality.

  2. Stress testing is a way to test reliability.

  3. GUI Testing; Data Base Testing; Syntax Checking ; Structure Investigation ; is the type of dynamic Testing.

  4. unit, integration, regression, are the Type of white box testing.

Correct Option: C

Minimum Size of Virtual Memory is..

  1. RAM Size * 1.5

  2. RAM Size * 2

  3. Initial Size * 1.5

  4. Initial Size * 2

Correct Option: D

Which gaming console released the Lips Karaoke game?

  1. Xbox 360

  2. PS2

  3. WII


Correct Option: A

where was the first GUI developed?

  1. Xerox PARC

  2. Apple lisa

  3. Atari ST

  4. Commodore Amiga

Correct Option: A

Popular site owned by Obvious corp

  1. Orkut

  2. Facebook

  3. Twitter

  4. Hi5

Correct Option: C

Kindle is an e-book reader by

  1. Ebay

  2. Paypal

  3. Barnes & Noble

  4. Amazon

Correct Option: D

who started the 'Free software Foundation'?

  1. Charles Kane

  2. Nicholas Negroponte

  3. Larry Ellison

  4. Richard Stallman

Correct Option: D

The launch of which product led Cisco to file a trademark infringement case against Apple

  1. Kindle

  2. iPhone

  3. iMac

  4. iPod

Correct Option: B

COMPAQ is short for

  1. Comparison and Quake

  2. Computer and Aqua

  3. Command and Program

  4. Compatibility and Quality

Correct Option: D

which company filed a $1 billion lawsuit against Google for not filtering the copyrighted contents on YouTube

  1. Yahoo

  2. Apple

  3. Viacom

  4. Sony

Correct Option: C

which OS is sponsored by Canonical Ltd?

  1. Tiger

  2. Solaris

  3. Unix

  4. Ubuntu

Correct Option: D

Which input device works in the basis of the capacitive shunt method or the matrix approach

  1. Laptop Touchpad

  2. Stylist

  3. USB

  4. Tape Drive

Correct Option: A

The different scope values for are

  1. page

  2. forward

  3. session

  4. application

Correct Option: A,C,D

What are the valid struts-config tags?

Correct Option: B,C,D

Will the finally block still execute,when a return statement is written at the end of the try block?

  1. True

  2. False

Correct Option: B

Which method is used to create the daemon thread?

  1. initDaemon

  2. createDaemon

  3. setDaemon

  4. runDaemon

Correct Option: C

The different ways of using Thread?

  1. By implementing Runnable Interface.

  2. By inheriting from the Runnable Interface.

  3. By implementing the Thread Class.

  4. By inheriting from the Thread class.

Correct Option: A,C

For which one of the following reasons would a builder use StringBuilder over string?

  1. Due to its nature as a reference type, StringBuilder has a smaller footprint than string,thereby allowing more efficent memory management.

  2. StringBuilder is inherently more efficent due to its nature as a reference type comparedto string, which is a value type

  3. StringBuilder allows for dynamic appending of types; string creates a new string every time it is appended to.

  4. StringBuilder has the ability to accept objects other than string in order to build a string by automatically calling the ToString method on the object.

  5. Regular expressions are built into StringBuilder, allowing for much more efficent text processing than what could usually be achieved by using a string.

Correct Option: C
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