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Web Designing Quiz 2

Description: Web Designing Quiz 2
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Which of the following is a more efficient alternative to CGI?

  1. ISAPI

  2. VB Script

  3. SGML

  4. HTML

  5. XML

Correct Option: A

An applet that runs on the server side is known as a _____

  1. CGI

  2. Server Script

  3. Server side processor

  4. Servlet

  5. Java Server Script

Correct Option: D

A CLUT is also known as a _____

  1. None of the choices.

  2. graphic tablet

  3. VGA table

  4. palette

  5. color index

Correct Option: D

Which of the following are the attributes that can be used with the APPLET tag ?

  1. CODE

  2. ALIGN

  3. ALT


  5. All of the above

Correct Option: E

Using inline styles on a page with multiple overlapping styles is being referred to as:

  1. DHTML

  2. SGML

  3. CSS

  4. XHTML

Correct Option: C

You use HTTP-EQUIV together with ____________ to cache a page to the Browser's folder on the hard drive.

  1. CACHE

  2. SET

  3. SIZE


Correct Option: D

What view in Microsoft FrontPage would you use if you wanted to view all the pages in your web site in a tree structure?

  1. Folders View

  2. All Files View

  3. Task View

  4. Themes View

  5. Navigation View

Correct Option: E

Your company wants to be able to give the customers only, access to the inventory as well as place orders over the internet. What type of Web site would this be considered?

  1. Externet

  2. Internet

  3. Intranet

  4. Extranet

Correct Option: D

When using the ISINDEX tag, how do you override the default message?

  1. you cannot do this

  2. use the ASK attribute

  3. use the MESSAGE attribute

  4. use the PROMPT attribute

Correct Option: D

Higher-end (24-bit) monitors are capable of displaying how many colors?

  1. 17,000

  2. 170,000

  3. 17,000,000

Correct Option: C

Navigation within a website is important. Which best defines how a navigation system be setup?

  1. There is no standard. Navigation is dependent upon the web designer.

  2. It should be consistent throughout the site as far as appearance and functionality. It should also be compatible with all browsers.

  3. Make it complex so the visitor will try to figure out what to do.

Correct Option: B

During the user testing phase of development, testers should always be take from:

  1. The most experienced technical personnel employed by the company.

  2. The general public.

  3. Users already familiar with the application.

  4. Users unfamiliar with the application.

Correct Option: D

Which of the following is NOT true of navigation?

  1. A good navigation plan should include shortcuts.

  2. Common navigational schemes include the items: FAQ, Search, About, and Site Map.

  3. The visitor should not have to click more than 3 times to reach a desired page.

  4. Icons and logos should be avoided in navigational structures because graphic files increase download times.

Correct Option: D

Which statement best describes cookies?

  1. Sent by the server to all clients.

  2. Sent by the server in response to a client request.

  3. Sent by the client and stored on the server after the client user has signed a digital certificate.

  4. Received by a client immediately after an e-commerce transaction is completed.

Correct Option: B

FTP and SSL are protocols which operate on port numbers:

  1. 21 and 443 respectively.

  2. 21 and 444 respectively.

  3. 23 and 443 respectively.

  4. 443 and 21 respectively.

Correct Option: A
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