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VB(Visual Basic) .Net Quiz

Description: VB(Visual Basic) .Net Quiz
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Where do you find COMException class

  1. System.Runtime.Interopservices

  2. System.XML

  3. System. Data

Correct Option: A

Which method of the XMLdocument class takes xml as string while loading

  1. Loadxml ( )

  2. Load( )

  3. Save ( )

Correct Option: A

Which is the base class for TypedDataset

  1. DataReader

  2. Dataset

  3. DataAdapter

Correct Option: B

Which is the best to retrieve Read-Only, Forward-only stream of data from database

  1. Data Set

  2. Typed Data Set

  3. DataReader

Correct Option: C

The DataAdapter uses which of the following object to retrieve the data from database

  1. Connection

  2. Command

  3. DataReader

Correct Option: B

Which of the method is used to display the form as modal

  1. Showdialog( )

  2. Activate ( )

  3. Loaddialog()

  4. Show( )

Correct Option: A

The tool provided with .Net framework to register assemblies for use by COM is

  1. Regsvr32

  2. Regasm


  4. Regedit

Correct Option: B

How do you add Web Methods in VB.Net

  1. Add keyword to Method signature

  2. Add [WebMethod] on top of the Method Signature

  3. Add {WebMethod} on top of the Method Signature

Correct Option: A

How do you refer the current class in VB.Net

  1. Me

  2. This

  3. Super

Correct Option: A

How you refer the parent class in VB.Net

  1. Parent

  2. MyBase

  3. Super

Correct Option: B

The serialization of an Object means that it is written out to a stream

  1. True

  2. False

Correct Option: A

Which of the following is not a method of Debug class

  1. Assert( )

  2. Open()

  3. Flush( )

Correct Option: B

Vb.Net classes can be derived in C#

  1. True

  2. False

Correct Option: A
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