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Your SQL Server is running SQL 6.5 and you want to transfer the data from the SQL 6.5 server to a new SQL 7 Server. How can you do this?

  1. Using DTS Import

  2. Using bcp -out and use bcp -in to insert the data into the new SQL 7 Server

  3. Use the DTS Export

  4. Using bcp -copy, copy the data from the SQL 6.5 Server to the SQL 7 Server

  5. Both A and B

Correct Option: E
  1. Rebuild Master database

  2. Edit registry

  3. Run regrebld.exe

  4. Restore registry from backup

Correct Option: C

What SQL Server protocol must be installed to communicate via SQL Server with a Unix application?

  1. TCP/IP

  2. Unix Command Protocol

  3. Multiprotocol

  4. Named Pipes

Correct Option: A

You friend is trying to familiarize herself with the DBCC commands with SQL server. Which command can she/he use to check if indexes are in the proper sorted order and if page offsets are reasonable?





Correct Option: A
  1. All committed transactions that are in the transaction log

  2. All uncommitted transactions that are in the transaction log

  3. All committed transactions that are in the transaction log between the last checkpoint and the failure

  4. All committed transactions that are in the transaction log between the last two checkpoints

Correct Option: C
  1. Run the stored procedure set query governor cost limit.

  2. Modify the configuration parameter min memory per query.

  3. Modify the configuration parameter show advanced options.

  4. Modify the configuration parameter query governor cost limit.

  5. Both C and D

Correct Option: E

You've just installed SQL Server 7 on a NT server using the Typical Installation option. When you start SQL for the first time, you get an error and it will not start. Where is one place you would check to see what is causing the error?




  4. Windows NT Event Log-Application Log

  5. Windows NT Event Log-System Log

Correct Option: D

Under what occasions does the SQL Server 7 write events to the Windows NT application log?

  1. When the xp_logevent stored procedure is invoked

  2. When sp_addmessage or sp_altermessage define errors to be written to the NT application log

  3. When SQL Server errors occur with severity levels between 19 and 25

  4. When the RAISEERROR WITH LOG statement is executed

  5. All of the above

Correct Option: E

After installing SQL 7, you want to connect to the SQL 7 Server to verify installation. What graphical tools would you use to verify that the server is running?

  1. SQL Server Enterprise Manager

  2. SQL Server Transact

  3. SQL Server Network Client

  4. SQL Server Query Analyzer

  5. Both A and D

Correct Option: E

What functions are performed by the SQL Server Agents?

  1. Replication management

  2. Job execution

  3. Notification

  4. Alert management

  5. All of the above

Correct Option: E

You define full-text indexing on the ProductName column in the Products table. You then execute a full-text query on the column. You specify a word that you know is present in the column, but the result set is empty. What is the most likely cause?

  1. The catalog is not populated

  2. You did not create a unique SQL Server index on the ProductName column

  3. The SQL ServerAgent Service is not running

  4. The Microsoft Service is not running

Correct Option: A

A client connecting to a SQL Server database from a Windows 98 workstation is able to connect in a Windows NT authentication mode. True or false?

  1. True

  2. False

Correct Option: B

John Doe has SQL Server 4.2 and she wants to upgrade the server, data and database objects to SQL Server 7. Which upgrade path will accomplish this goal?

  1. Just upgrade normally to SQL Server 7

  2. Use SQL 6.5 Transfer Management Tool to push the data and objects from version 4.2 to 7

  3. Upgrade the server to SQL Server 6.5, then upgrade again to SQL Server 7

  4. Use the DTS to transfer the data and objects

Correct Option: C

John Doe wants to establish a replication model that will allow three branch offices to update data at the corporate site. Which replication model should John Doe use?

  1. Remote replication

  2. Snapshot replication

  3. Transactional replication

  4. Merge replication

Correct Option: D

Exchange and SQL 7.0 are running on the same server. You notice the performance in exchange is degraded. The Min server memory, Maximum server memory and set working area are set as they were automatically in the installation. What do you do to free memor

  1. Increase Min server memory

  2. Set working area to 1

  3. Set working area to 0

  4. Increase memory allocated to the procedure cache option

  5. Reduce Min server memory

Correct Option: A

The step object in a DTS (data transformation service) package can run in parallel when there are no precedence constraints on it. Which of the following are step object precedence constraints?

  1. On failure

  2. Return codes

  3. On success

  4. All of the above

Correct Option: D

Which of the four system databases stores all the information about alerts and jobs?

  1. Msdb

  2. Tempdb

  3. Master

  4. Model

Correct Option: A

You have been asked to copy a one-table Access database to another table that exists in a SQL Server 7 database. What is the best method you should use to copy the data?

  1. The copy_db command at a command prompt

  2. Data Transformation Services

  3. The oslp utility

  4. Data Transfer System

  5. The BULK INSERT statement

Correct Option: B

You must restore the MASTER database from a backup on a SQL 7 computer. You attempt to start the restore process but receive an error message. What must you do before you can restore the MASTER database?

  1. Run the rebuild.exe program

  2. Drop the MASTER database

  3. Run the reblddb.exe program

  4. Run the sqlservr.eve program with the -m option

Correct Option: D
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