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  1. A REGION parameter on an EXEC statement, overrides the REGION parameter on the JOB

  2. A REGION parameter on an EXEC statement, limits the space available for that step, but

  3. A REGION parameter on an EXEC statement, is only taken into consideration if there is no

  4. The sum of all REGION parameters on EXEC statements, must be equal to the REGION

Correct Option: C
  1. The COND parameter always indicates that if its condition is met, the step is NOT executed.

  2. When adding the COND parameter to an EXEC statement that calls a procedure, this COND

  3. With the COND parameter, we can only check return codes.

  4. The COND parameter can check the return codes of multiple steps, but as soon as one of

Correct Option: B,D

When to use DISP=MOD?

  1. For both sequential and partitioned datasets to be extended or created.

  2. Only for existing datasets to be extended.

  3. For all secured sequential datasets to be extended.

  4. Only for sequential datasets to be extended or created.

Correct Option: D
  1. DISP=(,PASS) is equivalent to DISP=(NEW,PASS,KEEP)

  2. DISP=(,,KEEP) is equivalent to DISP=(NEW,DELETE,KEEP)

  3. DISP=(,,CATLG) is equivalent to DISP=(OLD,CATLG,CATLG)

  4. DISP=(OLD,,) is equivalent to DISP=(OLD,KEEP,KEEP)

Correct Option: B,D
  1. //TU00001T JOB (ATUT000,,,,,,,,),TU00001,CLASS=7,MSGCLASS=X

  2. //TU00001T JOB (ATUT000),’TU00001’,CLASS=7,MSGCLASS=X

  3. //TU00001T JOB TU00001,’(ATUT000)’,CLASS=7,MSGCLASS=X

  4. //TU00001T JOB ,(ATUT000),CLASS=7,MSGCLASS=X

Correct Option: A,B

Indicate the correct answers about the OUTPUT statement

  1. Multiple OUTPUT statements can be coded for 1 single job step.

  2. The OUTPUT statement can be used to control the authorisation of the submitting user,

  3. The OUTPUT statement at job level must be coded before the JOB statement.

  4. The OUTPUT statement can not override the MSGCLASS parameter on the JOB statement.

Correct Option: A,D




Correct Option: C,D




Correct Option: A
  1. ... can be used for input, to use both DD entries describing sequential datasets and DD

  2. ... can be used to write multiple output datasets.

  3. ... can contain a dummy data set in the input, which will indicate the end of the input.

  4. ... stored on different device types, can not be used for input.

Correct Option: A,C

When calling a procedure we can change - in different ways - this procedure. Which is the most complete statement?

  1. We can override parameters on EXEC statements and add DD statements.

  2. We can override, nullify and add parameters on all statements and add DD and/or OUTPUT

  3. We can add and override parameters to all statements, but can only nullify parameters

  4. We can nullify, override and add parameters to all statements, but can only add DD statements.

Correct Option: B

Consider the following: // SET GROUP=TBIS,DIV=USR,SUBJ=JCL,TYPE=DATA,NMBR=1 Which of the following structures containing symbolic parameters will result in: TBISUSR.JCLCRS.DATA1?





Correct Option: B,C
  1. specifies the amount of space required by a step

  2. specifies the amount of space required by a job

  3. both of the above

  4. none of the above

Correct Option: C

How can values be passed from the job stream to an executable program?

  1. Through the VALUE parameter

  2. Through the PARM keyword

  3. Through the PGM parameter

  4. All of the above

Correct Option: B
  1. PRTY parameter

  2. JOBCLASS parameter

  3. RUNTIME parameter

  4. PRIQTY parameter

Correct Option: A

What is the full form for POS?1234

  1. Personal Operating system

  2. Ping On Top

  3. Point Of Sales

  4. Put In Open

Correct Option: C
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