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An alternate index itself is which cluster type?

  1. a) LDS

  2. b) RRDS

  3. c) ESDS

  4. d) KSDS

Correct Option: D

The passed fields in the calling program must have to have the same names as those used in the subprogram.

  1. True

  2. False

Correct Option: B

CALL "MultiplyNs" USING N1,N2,STR In the above statement, the USING clause must list the passed fields in the sequence that the subprogram requires

  1. True

  2. False

Correct Option: A

Value claused cannot be coded in the linkage section except

  1. 77 Levels

  2. 88 Levels

  3. 66 Levels

  4. 111 Levels

Correct Option: B

USING Clause in the ________ division header lists the fields that must be passed to the subprogram

  1. Data

  2. Linkage

  3. Working-storage

  4. Procedure

Correct Option: D

Mainframes is supporting for

  1. Supporting large systems

  2. Maximization of resource utilization

  3. High Performance

  4. All the above

Correct Option: D

Which is the first Operating System which is used for real time commercial and real time applications?

  1. SciDAV

  2. Mac OS


  4. None of the above

Correct Option: D

Which OS failed to catch up the market by having the competitor as Windows 95?

  1. MS-DOS

  2. OS/2

  3. OS/360

  4. None of the above

Correct Option: B

A Multiprocessing task which is said as Loosely Coupled when the processors do not share the memory

  1. True

  2. False

Correct Option: A

Channel Subsystem controls the data transfer between

  1. Control Unit and Device

  2. Control Unit and Printer

  3. Control Unit and Central Storage

  4. None of the above

Correct Option: C

Which one is not TRUE among the below statements about Virtual Storage

  1. Implemented as a combination of real and auxiliary storage

  2. Code and data size independent of real memory

  3. Processor can not access large stimulated amount of real storage

  4. d.Data size is independent of real memory

Correct Option: C

Hiperspace data always resides in expanded storage, and must be moved to the address space for manipulation.

  1. True

  2. False

Correct Option: A

Order the stages of Job Processing. a. Input Queue b. Job Entry c. Purge d. output Queue e. Execution f. Printing

  1. b,e,a,d,c,f

  2. a,b,e,d,c,f

  3. b,a,e,f,d,c

  4. b,a,e,d,f,c

Correct Option: D

For selecting a Job from queue a. Is initiator available for this job class b. If more than 1 class for the initiator, then select in order of class c. Is the priority of the job highest in the queue for this job class

  1. a and b are mandatory

  2. b and c are mandatory

  3. a and c are mandatory

  4. a,b and c are mandatory

Correct Option: D

The Spool Manager provides facilities except ______________

  1. Memory management

  2. Selective delete processing

  3. Recovery and restart

  4. Error handling

Correct Option: A

Which is meant as 'Work Horse' of large system?

  1. Application programming interface

  2. Batch user interface

  3. Online user interface

  4. None of the above

Correct Option: B

Cornerstone of storage hierarchy is

  1. Tapes

  2. DASD

  3. CPU Cache

  4. Central storage

Correct Option: B

Who ensures the various Operating Systems in the computer in an impeccable fashion?

  1. Resource Manager

  2. Application Programmer

  3. Architectural Manager

  4. Systems Programmer

Correct Option: D

All the hardware should be maintained in a specific temperature, to function effectively and correctly.

  1. True

  2. False

Correct Option: A
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