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Nearly all the advisors submit their analysis activities to the database in the form of a job. When the analysis job is submitted, which option for job scope adds the least overhead to the system?

  1. Limited

  2. Restricted

  3. Comprehensive

  4. Thorough

Correct Option: A

Which data dictionary view contains information explaining why ADDM made its recommendations?





Correct Option: D

Which of the following advisors determines if the estimated instance recovery duration is within the expected service-level agreements?

  1. Undo Management Advisor

  2. SQL Access Advisor

  3. SQL Tuning Advisor

  4. MTTR Advisor

Correct Option: D

Using EM Database Control, you’ve identified that the following SQL statement is the source of a high amount of disk I/O: SELECT NAME, LOCATION, CREDIT_LIMIT FROM CUSTOMERS What might you do first to try to improve performance?

  1. Run the SQL Tuning Advisor.

  2. Run the SQL Access Advisor.

  3. Check the EM Database Control main screen for alerts.

  4. Click the Alert Log Content link in the EM Database Control main screen.

Correct Option: A

Your users have called to complain that system performance has suddenly decreased markedly. Where would be the most likely place to look for the cause of the problem in the EM Database Control?

  1. Main screen

  2. Performance screen

  3. Administration screen

  4. Maintenance screen

Correct Option: B

Which of the following is a performance metric that could be defined as “the amount of work that a system can perform in a given amount of time”?

  1. Response time

  2. Uptime

  3. Throughput

  4. Runtime

Correct Option: C

  2. Only databases created using Database Configuration Assistant have automatic statistics

  3. The SYSMAN user who owns the AWR is not logged in.

  4. The operating system does not support automatic statistics collection.

Correct Option: B

Using EM Database Control, you discover that two application PL/SQL functions and a view are currently invalid. Which of the following might you use to fix these objects?

  1. Shut down and restart the database.

  2. Use EM Database Control to recompile the object.

  3. Export the invalid objects, drop them, and then import them.


Correct Option: B,D
  1. You might want a separate baseline metric for each user.

  2. You might want a separate baseline metric for daytime usage versus off-hours usage.

  3. You might want a separate baseline metric for each schema.

  4. You would never want more than one baseline metric, even though it is possible to gather

Correct Option: B

When you configure an alert, which of the following types of alert thresholds can you use to monitor a tablespace for diminishing free space?

  1. Warning threshold

  2. Critical threshold

  3. Both A and B

  4. Neither A or B

Correct Option: C

If no e-mail address is specified, where will alert information be displayed?

  1. In the DBA_ALERTS data dictionary view

  2. In the V$ALERTS dynamic performance view

  3. In the EM Database Control main screen

  4. No alert information is sent or displayed.

Correct Option: C

NULLIF(12, 13) would return 12 ?

  1. True

  2. False

Correct Option: B

SELECT FIRST(OrderPrice) AS FirstOrderPrice FROM Orders? this query is:

  1. True

  2. False

Correct Option: A
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