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Your database is in NOARCHIEVELOG mode. After which two operations you should take backup of control file? ( choose two)

  1. Adding a new user to database.

  2. Adding a new tablespace to database.

  3. Dropping a table from the database.

  4. Dropping a user from the database.

  5. Dropping a datafile from a tablespace.

Correct Option: B,E

What four data protection components have been enhanced in Oracle database 10g release 2

  1. Flashback

  2. Data guard

  3. ASM

  4. Tivoli data protection

  5. Flash recovery.

Correct Option: A,B,C,E

Which is the correct description of the significance of the ORACLE_HOME environment variable?

  1. It specifies the directory containing the oracle managed files.

  2. It specifies the directory for database files, if not specified explicitly.

  3. It specifies the directory containing the oracle software

  4. It specifies the directory of Optimal Flexible Architecture.

Correct Option: C

Which two statements about recovery manager (RMAN) backup are true?

  1. Online redo log files can be backed up.

  2. RMAN backup can be taken only if the database is configured in ARCHIEVELOG mode.

  3. Only used data blocks can be backed up as backup sets.

  4. Archived redo log files are backed up.

  5. Only consistent database backed up can be performed.

Correct Option: C,D

You want the user APP_DBA to administer the oracle database from remote machine. APP_DBA is granted SYSDBA privilege to perform administrative task on the database. Which file is used by oracle database server to authenticate APP_DBA?

  1. Control file and password file

  2. Password file

  3. Control file

  4. Listener control file

Correct Option: B

To answer this question, the user needs to know about the authentication mechanism in Oracle databases and the files used to implement it.

In Oracle databases, SYSDBA privilege is required to perform administrative tasks on the database. The user APP_DBA has been granted this privilege to administer the database from a remote machine. To authenticate the user, Oracle uses a password file.

Therefore, the correct answer is:

The Answer is: B. Password file

The junior DBA of your organization has accidentally deleted the alert log file. What will you do to create new alert log file?

  1. Create the new text file as ALERT.log

  2. You have to recover the alert log file from the valid backup.

  3. No action required. The file will be created automatically by the instance.

  4. Change the value for the BACKGROUND_DUMP_DEST parameter.

Correct Option: C
  1. None

  2. Up to the current free space in the tablespace

  3. Unlimited space, including autoextends

  4. Up to the default quota established at tablespace creation time

Correct Option: A

Which two statements are true about the role in Oracle Database?

  1. A role can contain both system and object privileges.

  2. A role cannot be assigned external authentication.

  3. A role can be granted to itself.

  4. Roles are owned by the SYS user.

  5. Roles can be granted to other roles

Correct Option: A,E

Which of the following SQL statements results in a disconnection after a session is idle for 30 minutes?

  1. alter session set idle_timeout=30;

  2. alter session set idle_timeout=1800;

  3. alter profile limit idle_time 30;

  4. alter profile set idle_timout 30;

Correct Option: C
  1. The database services to be registered with the listener

  2. The log file and trace file destination for the listener.

  3. The protocol used by the listener

  4. The server name where the listener runs.

  5. The port used by the listener.

Correct Option: C,D,E

Which of the following prevents a user from reusing a password when they change their password?

  1. Setting the initialization parameter NO_PASSWORD_REUSE to TRUE

  2. Altering that user’s profile to UNLIMITED for PASSWORD_REUSE_TIME and 1 for PASSWORD_REUSE_MAX

  3. Altering that user’s profile to UNLIMITED for both PASSWORD_REUSE_TIME and PASSWORD_REUSE_MAX

  4. Using a password verify function to record the new password and compare the new passwords to those recorded previously

Correct Option: B

How can you prevent someone from using an all-numeric password?

  1. Set the initialization parameter PASSWORD_COMPLEXITY to ALPHANUM.

  2. Alter that user’s profile setting PASSWORD_COMPLEXITY to ALPHNANUM.

  3. Alter the user’s profile to use a password verify function that performs REGEX comparisons to validate the password.

  4. There is no mechanism that lets you prevent an all-numeric password

Correct Option: C

You specified segment space management as automatic for a tablespace what effect would this have on space management?

  1. Extents would be managed by freelists.

  2. Free space would be managed by data dictionary.

  3. The segment would be managed by bitmaps.

  4. The segment would be managed by freelists.

Correct Option: C

Which of the following is not an object privilege on a table?


  2. DEBUG


  4. READ

Correct Option: D

A user wants to connect to the database instance from an application that is running on a remote machine. Which tool should the DBA use to establish the required configuration to ensure that the user is able to connect to the database instance? (Choose two).

  1. Oracle Net Manager.

  2. Data Pump.

  3. Oracle Universal Installer (OUI).

  4. Oracle Enterprise Manager.

  5. Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA).

Correct Option: A,D

Which two are valid locking levels that are used by transactions in oracle database? (Choose two)

  1. Object level.

  2. Row level.

  3. Block level.

  4. Schema level.

  5. Database level.

Correct Option: A,B

Your database is having two control files; three redo log file groups with two members in each group. Failure of which file would cause a instance to shut down?

  1. Loss of the initialization parameter file.

  2. One of the redo log members.

  3. Any data file belonging to the default permanent tablespace

  4. Any archive log file.

  5. Any control file.

Correct Option: E

Which statements are true regarding the logical structure of database? (Choose three)

  1. It is possible to have tablespaces of different block sizes in a database.

  2. A data block is the smallest unit of I/O for data files.

  3. Multiple tablespaces can share single data file.

  4. Each data block in the database always corresponds to one OS block.

  5. Each segment contains one or more extents.

Correct Option: A,B,E

Which three statements are true about the stages of database startup?

  1. Data files and redo log files can be renamed at the MOUNT stage.

  2. Control files are required to bring the database to the NOMOUNT stage.

  3. Data files and online redo log files are checked for consistency while opening the database.

  4. Data files and redo log files are made available to users at the OPEN stage.

  5. Control files are read at the OPEN stage for the location of data files.

Correct Option: A,B,D
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