Basic JavaScript Quiz 1

Description: Basic JavaScript Quiz 1
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What is the correct JavaScript syntax for opening a new window called "window5" ?

Correct Option: B

How do you put a message in the browser's status bar?

  1. window.status = "put your message here"

  2. statusbar = "put your message here"

  3. status("put your message here")

  4. window.status("put your message here")

Correct Option: A

How do you find the client's browser name?

  1. browser.name

  2. navigator.appName

  3. client.navName

Correct Option: B

You define an array using

  1. var myarray = new Array();

  2. var myarray = array new;

  3. var new Array() = myarray;

  4. var new array = myarray;

Correct Option: A

Onclick is equivalent to which two events in sequence

  1. onmouseover and onmousedown

  2. onmousedown and onmouseout

  3. onmousedown and onmouseup

  4. onmouseup and onmouseout

Correct Option: C

Whicj best describe void?

  1. A method

  2. A function

  3. An operator

  4. A statement

Correct Option: C
  1. window.location.href

  2. document.href

  3. java.redirect.url

  4. link.redirect.href

Correct Option: A

Which of the following JavaScript statements use arrays?

  1. setTimeout("a["+i+"]",1000)

  2. k = a & i

  3. k = a(i)

Correct Option: A

You are a junior web designer. Your company assigns you to work on a JavaScript project. Which of the following are the advantages of using JavaScript for form validation?

  1. Conservation of client CPU resources

  2. Increased validity of form submission

  3. Conservation of bandwidth

  4. Increase end-user satisfaction

  5. Either BCD

Correct Option: E

Your company assigns you to work on a JavaScript project. With the DATE object, which of the following allows you to call a function based on an elapsed time?

  1. setElapsedTime()

  2. Timeout()

  3. setTimeout()

  4. setTime()

Correct Option: D
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