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Which two roles or privileges must you have to export tables owned by another user? (Choose two)






Correct Option: B,E

Which three attributes of the LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_n initialization parameter control the data availability mode of a Data Guard standby database? (Choose three)

  1. SYNC or ASYNC to identify the network transmission mode.

  2. LGWR or ARCH to identify the primary database process responsible for sending redo information to the standby.

  3. AFFIRM or NOAFFIRM to control whether log archiving disk write operations are to be performed synchronously or asynchronously.

  4. PROTECTED or UNPROTECTED to control the degree of divergence and data loss at the standby database.

Correct Option: A,B,C

When an oracle Instance is started, background process are started. Background processes perform which two functions ? (Choose two)

  1. Perform I/O

  2. Lock rows that are not data dictionary rows

  3. Monitor other Oracle processes

  4. Connect users to the Oracle instance

  5. Execute SQL statments issued through an application

Correct Option: A,C

Which three are the physical structures that constiture the Oracle database ? (Choose Three)

  1. Control file

  2. Extent

  3. Segment

  4. Data file

  5. Log file

  6. Tablespace

Correct Option: A,D,E

SQL> CREATE TABLESPACE user_data EXTENT MANAGEMENT LOCAL SEGMENT SPACE MANAGEMENT AUTO; Which twp assumptions must be true for this statement to execute successfully ? (Choose two)

  1. Oracle Managed Files used for this instance.

  2. The USER_DATA tablespace in managed using FET$/UET$ tables.

  3. The COMPATIBLE intialization paramter must be 9.0.0 or higer.

  4. Space within segments is the USER_DATA tablespace is managed with freelists.

Correct Option: A,C
  1. The control file can grow in size.

  2. The control file can store RMAN scripts.

  3. CONTROL_FILE_RECORD_KEEP_TIME determine retention time for RMAN records.

  4. The RMAN catalog can exist solely in the control file of the target database.

Correct Option: C,D

what is true regarding the role Oracle Net provides in a client server connection with no middle tier? (Choose two)

  1. Oracle Net is layered on top of the network protocol.

  2. Oracle Net must reside on both the client and the server for peer-to-peer communication to occur.

  3. On the client side, Oracle Net is responsible for working with the listener to receive incoming connection requests.

  4. On the server side, Oracle Net is responsible for several connectivity issues such as : the location of the server, whatever one or more protocol is involved in the connection, and how to handle exception and interrupts.

Correct Option: A,B

The database is running in NOARCHIVELOG mode. A data file is lost. Which two are valid options for recover ? (Choose two)

  1. Restore the data file and perform incomplete recovery.

  2. Restore the data file and perform point-in-time recover.

  3. Drop the tablespace and lose all data in the tablespace.

  4. Restore the database and lose all data since the last backup.

Correct Option: C,D

What file will give you Oracle instance status information?

  1. alert.ora

  2. init.ora

  3. tnsname.ora

  4. redolog

Correct Option: A

Which of the following SQL statements does count the rows in the 'Sales' table?

  1. SELECT COUNT(*) IN Sales

  2. SELECT NUM() FROM Sales



Correct Option: D

Which SQL statement inserts data into a table called Projects?

  1. INSERT Projects ('Content Development', 'Website content development project')

  2. INSERT INTO Projects (ProjectName, ProjectDescription) VALUES ('Content Development', 'Website content development project')

  3. INSERT Projects VALUES ('Content Development', 'Website content development project')

  4. SAVE INTO Projects (ProjectName, ProjectDescription) VALUES ('Content Development', 'Website content development project')

Correct Option: B

The LIKE SQL keyword is used along with ...

  1. ORDER BY clause

  2. GROUP BY clause.

  3. JOIN clause.

  4. WHERE clause.

Correct Option: D

Which of the following is a SQL aggregate function

  1. JOIN

  2. LEN

  3. LEFT

  4. AVG

Correct Option: D

The JOIN is a SQL keyword used to ...

  1. update database table.

  2. verify that the inserted data is correct.

  3. select data from 2 or more tables related by common attribute (table column).

  4. delete data from database table.

Correct Option: C

Which SQL statement selects all rows from table called Contest, with column ContestDate having values greater or equal to May 25, 2006?

  1. SELECT * FROM Contest HAVING ContestDate >= '05/25/2006'

  2. SELECT * FROM Contest WHERE ContestDate >= '05/25/2006'

  3. SELECT * FROM Contest WHERE ContestDate < '05/25/2006'

  4. SELECT * FROM Contest IN ContestDate < '05/25/2006'

Correct Option: B

Can you use the UPDATE and SELECT clauses in one SQL statement?

  1. You can if you use nested SQL statements

  2. You can use UPDATE and SELECT clauses together, even if you don’t have nested SQL statements.

  3. You can if you use WITH clause.

  4. You can't

Correct Option: A

What does the FROM SQL keyword specify?

  1. The FROM SQL keyword specifies a column list

  2. The FROM SQL keyword specifies a search condition.

  3. The FROM SQL keyword specifies the tables, views, and joined tables used in SELECT, UPDATE and DELETE SQL statements.

  4. The FROM SQL keyword specifies a find condition.

Correct Option: C

A trigger belongs to…

  1. a single table in the database

  2. to all tables in the database

  3. to all the tables of the user

  4. more than one table in the database

Correct Option: B
  1. ORDER BY clause.

  2. GROUP BY clause.

  3. JOIN clause.

  4. WHERE clause.

Correct Option: D
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