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  1. SELECT DISTINCT position, manager FROM employee;

  2. SELECT position, manager DISTINCT FROM employee;

  3. SELECT position, manager FROM employee;

  4. SELECT position, DISTINCT manager FROM employee;

Correct Option: A
  1. /SQL*Plus commands cannot be abbreviated.

  2. /SQL*Plus commands are accesses from a browser.

  3. /SQL*Plus commands are used to manipulate data in tables.

  4. /SQL*Plus commands manipulate table definitions in the database.

  5. /SQL*Plus is the Oracle proprietary interface for executing SQL statements.

Correct Option: C,D






Correct Option: D
  1. The sort is in ascending by order by default.

  2. The sort is in descending order by default.

  3. The ORDER BY clause must precede the WHERE clause.

  4. The ORDER BY clause is executed on the client side.

  5. The ORDER BY clause comes last in the SELECT statement

  6. The ORDER BY clause is executed first in the query execution.

Correct Option: A,E
  1. Fields

  2. Attributes

  3. Records

  4. Schema

Correct Option: B
  1. Selects the total number of orders from the Sales table, if this number is greater than 5

  2. Selects all Customers from the Sales table

  3. Both of them above

  4. Selects all customers from table Sales that have made more than 5 orders

Correct Option: D
  1. Specifies data retrieved

  2. Specifies the tables to retrieve rows from.

  3. Specifies the columns we are retrieving.

  4. Specifies a search condition.

Correct Option: B
  1. Slow queries

  2. Disparate Data sources

  3. Invalid / Inconsistent report data

  4. Availability of data to all users

Correct Option: A
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