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  1. DDL

  2. DML

  3. DCL

  4. None of the Above

Correct Option: D

DESC belongs to

  1. DDL

  2. DCL

  3. DML

  4. None the above

Correct Option: D
  1. using AVG () function

  2. Using AVERAGE() function

  3. using SUM() and Count() functions

  4. using Total() function

Correct Option: A,C
  1. Using Rollup() function

  2. Using SUBTOT() function

  3. Using SUBSUM() function

  4. All the above

Correct Option: A

There is no entry in the file listener.ora. You issue the command "lsnrctl start". Which process will register the running instance with the listener?

  1. It will give an error

  2. PMON

  3. Default listener is started but the instance wont be registered.

  4. CJQn

Correct Option: B

what happens if the listener currently running for prod database is terminated due to some reason?

  1. The currently connected users will be disconnected.

  2. There will be no effect on users.

  3. remote users will not be allowed to spawn sessions.

  4. None of the above

Correct Option: C
  1. Aegan

  2. Yukon

  3. Kilimanjaro

  4. MSSQL

Correct Option: B

Which recovery model doesn't allow Log backups?

  1. Full

  2. Simple

  3. Bulk-Logged

  4. None of the above

Correct Option: B
  1. model

  2. msdb

  3. tempdb

  4. MSSQLSystemResource

Correct Option: C
  1. sysusers

  2. syslogins

  3. sysserverusers

  4. None of the above

Correct Option: B

Which of the following option helps to execute a stored procedure when the server instance starts?

  1. sp_procoption

  2. sp_serverstartup

  3. sp_autoexecute

  4. None of the above

Correct Option: A

Which database holds the information of all the jobs in a server?

  1. master

  2. model

  3. sysjobs

  4. msdb

Correct Option: D

If a sysadmin is granted with "db_denydatareader" role for a database he will not be able to access the data from that database.

  1. True

  2. False

Correct Option: A
  1. Output dataset

  2. Inputdataset

  3. Both

  4. Output window

Correct Option: A
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