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My grandson is about as many days as my son is weeks, and my grandson is as many months as I am in years. My grandson, my son and I together are 100 years. Can you tell me my age in years?

  1. 60

  2. 70

  3. 80

  4. 50

Answer: 1

Pedro goes either hunting or fishing every day. If it is snowing & windy then Pedro goes hunting. If it is sunny and not windy then Pedro goes fishing. Sometimes it can be snowing and sunny. Which of the following statements must be true:

  1. If it is not sunny and it is snowing then Pedro goes hunting.

  2. If it is windy and Pedro does not go hunting then it is not snowing.

  3. If it is windy and not sunny then Pedro goes hunting.

  4. If it is windy and sunny then Pedro goes hunting.

Answer: 2

The cost of manufacturing tractors in Korea is twenty percent less than the cost of manufacturing tractors in Germany. Even after transportation fees and import taxes are added, it is still cheaper to import tractors from Korea to Germany than to produce tractors in Germany. Which of the following assertions is best supported by this information?

  1. Labor costs in Korea are twenty  percent below those in Germany.

  2. Importing tractors into Germany will eliminate twenty  percent of the manufacturing jobs in Germany.

  3. The costs of transporting a tractor  from Korea to Germany is more than twenty  percent of the cost of manufacturing the tractor in Korea.

  4. The import taxes on a tractor  imported from Korea to Germany is less than twenty  percent of the cost of manufacturing the tractor in Germany.

Answer: 4

In 1695 about 11,400 doctors who had treated plague sufferers died and about 23,670 doctors who had not treated plague sufferers died. On the basis of these figures, it can be concluded that it was more dangerous for doctors not to participate in the treatment of plague sufferers than it was for them to participate in it. Which of the following statements would cast most doubt on the conclusion above?

  1. Examining the death rates for doctors in the years before and after 1695.

  2. Separating deaths due to natural causes during the treatment of plague suffers from deaths caused by other causes.

  3. Comparing death rates per thousand members of each group rather than comparing total numbers of deaths.

  4. The figures quoted may vary by plus or minus ten percent from the actual figures.

Answer: 3

My sister 6 years younger than me and my brother is 12 years younger than me . IF my bother's age is 11 than how old is my sister?

  1. 18

  2. 17

  3. 20

  4. 24

Answer: 2

Of the teams competing in the world archery championships, twenty percent are from Europe. Half as many are from the United States and one twentieth are from Africa. What fraction of teams are from neither Europe, the US or Africa.

  1. 13/20

  2. 15/20

  3. 13/15

  4. 17/20

Answer: 1

There are 900 bottles to be filled. Jim and Molly working independently but at the same time take 30 minutes to fill the bottles. How long should it take Molly working by herself to fill the bottles? Statement 1 - Molly fills half as many bottles as Jim. Statement 2 - Jim would take 45 minutes by himself. Which of the statements above make it possible to answer the question.

  1. Statement 1 alone is sufficient, but statement 2 alone is not sufficient.

  2. Statement 2 alone is sufficient, but statement 1 alone is not sufficient.

  3. Both statements together are sufficient, but neither statement alone is sufficient.

  4. Each statement alone is sufficient

Answer: 4

Mr. Brown has 6 black gloves and 8 brown gloves in his closet. He blindly picks up some gloves from the closet. What is the minimum number of gloves Mr. Brown will have to pick to be certain to find a pair of gloves of the same color?

  1. 2

  2. 3

  3. 7

  4. 9

Answer: 2

Suppose 6 monkeys take 6 minutes to eat 6 bananas. How many monkeys would it take to eat 54 bananas in 54 minutes?

  1. 54

  2. 27

  3. 6

  4. 12

Answer: 3

A painting job can be completed by 3 painters in 29 days. If 6 more painters join the team 2 days after starting work on the job, then how many more days are required to complete the job?

  1. 7

  2. 8

  3. 9

  4. 10

Answer: 3